Research Guide to Chinese Genealogy: 2nd edition

research guide to chinese genealogy

"Research Guide to Chinese Genealogy: 2nd edition" includes the same content of the first edition plus an appendix of these two templates; Trip planner and Family member list, to help researchers keep track of their research project. This is especially important if a family is comprised of different racial background and wish to one day help their adopted children trace their Chinese roots. This workbook will give you a hands-on approach of where to look when tracing your Chinese family history even without Chinese language skills.

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Pages: 134 in black & white or colour, illustrations, appendix

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2nd Edition

Chinese Genealogy

Many researches focus on using either Chinese or English language resources. Here are some of the important information you will need before you begin your family research project that helps you trace your root to China:

-Birth, death, marriage records - showing parents (surnames, birth place)

-Head Tax information

-Census records, Military record, Land Registry, etc ... in English

-Correspondences, photos, school records, church affiliation

-Family registry/records (Jia Pu or Zu Pu), Clan Association

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About the Author


Currently residing in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada

Received Bachelor of Arts in Asian Studies with focus in Chinese History and Language from the University of British Columbia

Co-authored the anthology "Eating Stories: A Chinese Canadian Aboriginal Potluck" by CCHSBC - Chinese Canadian Historical Society of British Columbia

Served as a CCHSBC Board member (2008 & 2009)

Consulted as Chinese genealogy researcher to " Ancestors in the Attic " / Chinese Connection

Author of her family line

Contributed to the article "Dimensions of Responsive Multicultural Library Services at the University of British Columbia: Successes and Challenges" - A conference paper for the IFLA satellite meeting in Vancouver, B.C., Canada August 5-7, 2008

Involved in Vancouver Public Library Chinese Genealogy project


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