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research guide to chinese genealogyUntil recently, Chinese genealogy had always been a gender specific publication compiled by the elder members to honor their ancestors and pass down as the family heirloom. With massive information collected over a long period of time the composition has exceeded the purpose of a eulogy in highlighting the achievers of the past or motivating the continuation of the famiy traditions. Mere family records keeping has transcended with a wider scope to the history of a clan. The lineage dominant biography provides rich migration data, population distribution, rituals and customs. Its structure mirrors the cultural characteristics of a group of people and models the evolution of a heritage from the collective memory.

Sadly, when a member moves to a country that speaks and writes a different language, the practice of archiving the family records is often interrupted by assimilation and integration. This gives rise to issues such as inability to read and write the ancestral language and thus understand the etymology of the family name. It's not uncommon for a family to come to realize after two or three geneations that the last character of their progenitor's given name had been inadvertently registered as the family name. Also, when the member had to assume a different identity due to certain circumstance, the continuity of the family or branch history is also affected. These factors coupled with limitations to Chinese family studies translation are common challenges in Chinese genealogy research.

"Research Guide to Chinese Genealogy" and "Research Guide to Chinese Genealogy: 2nd edition" are the results of an extensive research into the Chinese family history and genealogical structure through a variety of research techniques and comprehensive guides to provide you a more enjoyable and less daunting root tracing experience. "You will ... learn more about how your ancestors lived by studying the historical and cultural milleu. This will help you build a more complete picture of what their lives must have been like." (Library and Archives Canada-Canadian Genealogy Center [2005])

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2nd Edition

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Chinese Genealogy

Many researches focus on using either Chinese or English language resources. Here are some of the important information you will need before you begin your family research project that helps you trace your root to China:

-Birth, death, marriage records - showing parents (surnames, birth place)

-Head Tax information

-Census records, Military record, Land Registry, etc ... in English

-Correspondences, photos, school records, church affiliation

-Family registry/records (Jia Pu or Zu Pu), Clan Association

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Served as a CCHSBC Board member (2008 & 2009)

Consulted as Chinese genealogy researcher to " Ancestors in the Attic " / Chinese Connection

Author of her family line

Contributed to the article "Dimensions of Responsive Multicultural Library Services at the University of British Columbia: Successes and Challenges" - A conference paper for the IFLA satellite meeting in Vancouver, B.C., Canada August 5-7, 2008

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